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R & J Wahlgren Farms X Nori

S Wahlgren Rd, Brady, Nebraska 69123, USA

Regenerate the Earth

Roger Wahlgren is a 3rd generation farmer and started on his own in 1971 after completing a tour in the Army. Around 2009-2010 the decision was made to change the entire farm to a strip till/ no till rotation. The benefits from the changes made are many. Our organic matter has risen 1tenth of 1% per year by leaving the residue and not tilling. This has raised our organic matter from 2.1% to 3.3-3.5%. This has been a big part of soil health. Soli erosion and wind erosion have all but been eliminated. Our rainfall infiltration rates have steadily climbed because of this residue duff. The duff also acts to armor coat the ground, lessening compaction, and keeping wetter cooler soils.
Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Organic Soil Carbon