Climeworks: Orca and Mammoth

Hellisheiði, Iceland

The world’s first commercial Direct Air Capture deployments, paired with subsurface mineral storage.

Climeworks’ Orca is the first operational commercial direct air capture plant in the world, commissioned in 2021. Mammoth, with nearly 4 times the carbon removal capacity, is not far behind, scheduled for completion in 2024. Both plants store CO2 underground in durable mineral form, partnering with CarbFix, a leading Iceland-based innovator in the CO2 mineralization field.
Country: Iceland
Status: In Development
Status: Operational
Type: Direct Air Capture


Grevesmühlen, Germany

One of Germany’s largest carbon removal parks

Novocarbo builds and operates carbon removal parks worldwide, pursuing the goal of removing 1 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2030. The Carbon Removal Park in the Baltic Sea is our largest site to date and a unique example in Germany of a holistic approach to CO2 removal and green heat generation. We use state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology to process plant residues into biochar.
Country: Germany
Status: Operational
Type: Biochar


Childersburg, Alabama, USA

World’s first ultra-low carbon concrete mineralizes atmospheric carbon

CarbonBuilt produces the world’s first ultra-low carbon concrete blocks. The new blocks reduce embodied carbon by 70-100+% through cement replacement and by mineralizing atmospheric CO2. They cost no more to produce than traditional concrete. More plants are in development.
Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Materials Sequestration

Carbon Reform

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Modular direct air capture, energy savings, and improved indoor air quality for buildings

Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Direct Air Capture



Seawater electroysis

Equatic powers the green economy. Our seawater electrolysis couples carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the atmosphere with the generation of green hydrogen at the lowest costs.
Country: Singapore
Status: Operational
Type: Direct Ocean Capture


Washington, USA

Regenerate the earth

Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Organic Soil Carbon


Mississippi, USA

works with American heartland communities to safely and permanently remove CO2.

Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Enhanced Rock Weathering


Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Encases biomass preventing decomposition.

Combining photosynthesis with practical engineering, Graphyte’s Carbon Casting technology provides an immediate pathway for billions of tons of low-cost, permanent carbon removal. With levelized production costs at under $100/ton with minimal energy requirements, we can remove CO2 for 1,000+ years.
Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Biomass Burial

Carbon Centric

Rakkestad, Stathelle, Norway

Biochar and carbon credit trader. 

Country: Norway
Status: Operational
Type: Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage


Northern, Uganda

Champions global tree-planting.

Forestmatic is a data-driven digital solution championing global tree-planting and forest ecosystem restoration, providing proof of planting and proof of survival to drive transparency, reliability and results in corporate climate investment. 
Country: Uganda
Status: Operational
Type: MRV