Bio-Restorative Ideas (BRi) X Puro

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Transform any organic matter into fixed carbon

BRI developed a model for achieving rapid carbon footprint reduction through permanent sequestration of CO2 while providing environmentally and socially conscious revenue sources. They transform any organic matter into fixed carbon that gets stored permanently in the soil and in the process quantify how much carbon was sequestered from the atmosphere.
Country: Puerto Rico
Status: Operational
Type: Biochar


Lapinlahdenkatu, Helsinki, Finland

The world’s leading crediting platform for engineered carbon removal ensure companies can neutralize carbon emissions with science-based carbon removals and remain trusted on the road to carbon net-zero. The platform brings together suppliers of carbon net-negative technologies and climate conscious companies. The company issue verified CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs), a new kind of carbon offset based on carbon removed from the atmosphere for the long term.
Country: Finland
Status: Operational
Type: Platforms: Certification / Credits / Sales