Project Monarch

Pure Water Antelope Valley (PWAV) Demonstration Facility

First of Its Kind Facility for Water Recovery and Carbon Removal

Capture6 is a direct air capture start-up based in California and New Zealand leveraging its technology to support climate resilience and industrial decarbonization. Capture6 is pioneering an approach that can be deployed today by repurposing existing industrial-scale technologies. Additionally, when coupled with desalination facilities, Capture6 can recover over 50% of freshwater from desalination waste brine for drinking and industrial purposes in the process of removing CO₂. This creates a meaningful synergy between carbon removal and water security. Capture6 will co-locate its pilot carbon removal facility, Project Monarch, within the Pure Water Antelope Valley facility to showcase the ability to boost water recovery and remove atmospheric CO₂ in an integrated process. The demonstration facility will feature a visitor center to provide educational resources for the public to learn about PWD’s advanced water purification process and Capture6’s cutting-edge process. Capture6’s technology can increase the volume of water recovered for agricultural uses and consumption and provide affordable carbon removal. Capture6’s system will reduce the traditional operational and financial burden associated with disposing of excess brine while enhancing water recovery and permanently removing CO₂ from the atmosphere in the process.
Country: United States
Status: In Development
Type: Direct Air Capture