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The crucial role of a Mediterranean partnership – Reaching net zero in the Mediterranean with CO2 capture and storage


There is a growing interest from Mediterranean countries that is bringing CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) onto national agendas to help meet climate targets. New initiatives are developing, adapted to the geology, transport systems and CO2 producers in this region. The CO2 storage potential of the Mediterranean region (both offshore and onshore) and the possibility to activate cross border collaboration amongst the more industrialised countries of southern Europe support this growing momentum.

Background - The Mediterranean region has historically been the junction between the north and the south of the world. Tackling the climate challenge offers the opportunity to work together, starting from the energy sector, and involving African and European countries to support both short-term resilience and long-term economic and environmental sustainability. The goal should be to integrate skills, know-how and supply chains, to find viable paths involving energy operators and stakeholders & to embrace cleaner energy technologies & sustainable industrial practices. Achieving net zero climate targets requires immediate action. The transition of the energy system will rely on reducing overall energy demand & making the energy supply side climate neutral. Industrial emissions can be reduced through electrification, fuel switching & capturing and storing hard-to-abate emissions. CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) has a key role to play in meeting climate targets in this region.

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