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Scaling Carbon Removal Economically and Responsibly


Catalyzed by the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit warming to no more than 1.5℃ and scientific consensus that the world cannot hit this target without carbon removal, hundreds of startups have formed around the world to create innovative solutions that can remove and manage carbon dioxide. What will it take for carbon removal to reach gigaton scale? Where is carbon removal taking place most actively today and how can benefits be maximized across the globe? In a panel discussion convened by the Carbon Business Council, experts will answer questions like these and discuss the state of the industry.

Ben Rubin, Executive Director, Carbon Business Council

Aditya Argawal, Advisor, Global Carbon Removal Partnership

Tomas Thyblad, Head of ESG Solutions, European Markets, Vice President, NASDAQ

Nikki Batchelor, Prize Manager, XPRIZE (Speaker)
Arranged By
Ben Rubin
Carbon Business Council
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Blue Zone
Start Date / Time
Saturday Nov 12, 8:30 am (GMT+2)

UN SDG Pavilion