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Marine CDR using Wave-Driven Upwelling Pumps.


Upwelling of ocean nutrients is a natural process and fundamental to triggering photosynthesis and growing marine phytoplankton, the core biological process in the ocean that absorbs and sequesters about 30% of annual CO2 emissions (the "biological carbon pump" - on long time scales responsible for 2/3 of the ocean carbon cycle). The deeper water delivered to the surface has a lower pCO2 (partial pressure of CO2), inducing the solubility pump responsible on long time scales for 1/3 of the ocean carbon cycle. This webinar will discuss how our ocean wave-driven upwelling pumps can mimic these natural processes to drawdown CO2 from the atmosphere into the ocean, as a climate mitigation tool. We also will explore case studies using examples of deploying our pumps in vicinity of Hawaii, Bermuda, and Tahiti. The economics, practical aspects, co-benefits, and potential risks of large-scale mCDR using our upwelling pumps also will be discussed.

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Carbon Removals at COP

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Start Date / Time
Sunday Dec 10, 8:30 pm (GMT+4)
End Date / Time
Sunday Dec 10, 9:30 pm (GMT+4)

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