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Global Multi Stakeholder Removals Pledges and Practical Action led by the Global South


An initiative was launched in 2023 to secure a global pledge to restore a safe climate by accelerating atmospheric carbon removals, as a side agreement among the Parties to the UNFCCC. It's purpose is to establish targets and modalities by which countries will ramp up their research, investment and scaling-up action on removals to address the urgency required. This will involve greater international collaboration and coordination on removals, and more comprehensive domestic action. The pledge champion countries will be launching the agreement during COP28. This event will delve into the value of the pledge, how it will contribute to the global removals movement, and how nonstate actors can engage in endorsing and supporting the pledge.

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Start Date / Time
Tuesday Dec 5, 8:30 am (GMT+4)
End Date / Time
Tuesday Dec 5, 9:30 am (GMT+4)

Carbon Removals at COP Livestream