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Financing the Scale-Up of Carbon Removals


In the battle against climate change, the imperative to remove carbon from the atmosphere has never been more urgent and the capital markets will play an important role in accelerating the deployment of carbon removal technologies and initiatives across the globe to ensure we have sufficient capacity by 2050.

By participating in this panel discussion, you will gain valuable insights into how capital markets can become powerful catalysts for financing the scale-up of carbon removals. We will also discuss the carbon market’s actions to accelerate up-scaling of the carbon removal market, with a focus on financing decarbonization and responsible leadership across the ecosystem.
Together, we can help combat climate change and protect our planet for future generations.

  • Fredrik Ekström, President, Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Hans Beyer, Head of Sustainability, SEB
  • Christoph Bechtler, Head of Sustainability, ClimeWorks
  • Carolyn Weinberg, Chief Product Innovation Officer, co-Head of Global Product Group, Blackrock
  • Sylvain Santamarta, Managing Director & Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group
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Blue Zone
Start Date / Time
Monday Dec 4, 12:00 pm (GMT+4)
End Date / Time
Monday Dec 4, 12:40 pm (GMT+4)

Swedish Pavilion, Blue Zone, Expo City & virtual