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Epiphyte: Opensource Direct Air Capture Driven by a Global Community


Opensource, crowd-driven and internet mediated peer production has proved a  prolific formula for novel product development and innovation in many fields. Software certainly is the origin point of modern opensource, but other knowledge and hardware domains (think 3D printing) have been radically shaped in important ways by distributed communities of creators freely collaborating to originate and evolve new things.

Does the crowd have anything to offer carbon removal?

Epiphyte, a tiny modular direct air capture prototype, represents an early creative inquiry into this question. Developed by a core team of OpenAir volunteers from diverse backgrounds, the very first "hello world" version is wrapping up completion in Philadelphia right now. But with enough eyeballs, interest and ideas focused on it in the coming months and years, could this modest machine evolve into something truly impactful? The Epiphyte community aims to find out.

Learn more about the Epiphyte story, its early results and possible future directions in this 1 hour dialogue with the principle innovators involved in the project.

  • David Wilson
  • Ling Kong
  • Chuck Pierson
  • Seth Sternberg
  • Chris Neidl


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Start Date / Time
Tuesday Dec 12, 10:00 pm (GMT+4)
End Date / Time
Tuesday Dec 12, 11:00 pm (GMT+4)

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