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CDR Grassroots Advocacy Showcase: Europe


Carbon removal grassroots advocacy has rapidly gained momentum in 2022, with citizen-based policy initiatives taking root worldwide at the local, state and national levels.

Since COP 26 in Glasgow Europe has become a hotbed for citizen-driven CDR policy campaign. A distinct hallmark of this growing movement is the high degree of network interconnectivity, learning and exchange between actors in different locations that is sustained through online open communities such as OpenAir, F4CR and Air Miners. Operating in small, focused groups, volunteer activists are developing, sharing and advancing CDR policy proposals and legislation ideas, and building and adapting a common cannon of novel strategic and tactical approaches. 

In this webinar CDR advocates from Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom will showcase current local policy campaigns, and share their experiences, lessons learned and next steps.

Attendees are invited to join these efforts by completing this short form. 

- Francesca Battersby,
- John Beckett, Ireland CDR Advocate
- Eduard Eischen, Luxembourg CDR Advocate
- Christine Pinto, Germany CDR Advocate
- Karim Rahmani, France CDR Advocate
- Sylvain Delerce, France CDR Advocate
Moderated by Chris Neidl (OpenAir) and Jake Kelley (F4CR)
OpenAir, F4CR, Carbon Gap
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Start Date / Time
Thursday Nov 10, 5:00 pm (GMT+2)
End Date / Time
Thursday Nov 10, 6:00 pm (GMT+2)