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CarbonCrowd: Bionerg – Mobile Monitoring for Last Mile Biochar in Uganda and Beyond.


This webinar will announce the kickoff of the Nakivale Biochar Project in Uganda. The project will deploy low-cost mobile monitoring technology developed by UK-based startup Bionerg that accurately monitors and reports biochar production data in real time. Data generated and reported has the power to link small-scale farmers to carbon markets, unlocking revenues previously inaccessible with standard biochar certification options.

In collaboration with C-Capsule, a new carbon removal certification platform launched by Evident, Bionerg has developed an MRV methodology for small-scale biochar production based on this mobile solution. In early 2023, with support from the OpenAir community, Nakivale, Bionerg and C-Capsule will pilot the deployment of three biochar kilns in the community. In this panel project partners will share details about the goals and scope of the project, and preview opportunities for how individuals all over the world can contribute to make this pilot and breakthrough model a success.

To contribute to this project's crowdfund campaign and to stay up to date on progress.


CarbonCrowd is a global peer production platform that will be launched OpenAir in January 2023 to accelerate carbon removal technology and policy innovation through open source network-based problem solving and collaboration. 

- Megha Raghavan, OpenAir (Moderator)
- Dr. Lionel Clarke, Co-Founder, Bionerg
- Marius Ziganira, Agricultural Director, Nakivale Refugee Settlement
- Travis Caddy, Project Lead, Evident/C-Capsule lead will be joined by
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Start Date / Time
Tuesday Nov 8, 5:00 pm (GMT+2)
End Date / Time
Tuesday Nov 8, 6:00 pm (GMT+2)