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Building Equitable Frameworks for Direct Air Capture Deployment in Emerging Economies


In the context of technological CDR and especially DAC, progress has been localised to industrialised nations where innovation capacity, resources and relevant expertise is typically high. As the industry starts to devolve away from these countries given the high cost of doing business, we may begin to see the technology transfer away from these countries and into nations where labour and power is cheaper and more abundant. Ensuring that this is done in a holistic way that brings economic and social opportunity to local communities, and education and training is of critical importance. This event will discuss the key considerations, opportunities and challenges for DAC companies and emerging economies alike.

Sanjeev Khagram - ASU Thunderbird School of Management
James Mwangi - CAP-A
Calli Obern - Capture6
Vanessa Suarez - Carbon180
Moderated by Aaron Benjamin - DAC Coalition
Arranged By
DAC Coalition
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Start Date / Time
Monday Nov 14, 12:00 am (GMT+2)
End Date / Time
Monday Nov 14, 1:00 am (GMT+2)