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Carbon Removals at COP! A User Guide.

Welcome to Carbon Removals at COP, a virtual pavilion that will stream events and publish daily commentary on carbon removals during the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (‘COP27’) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (November 6-18).

Curated by the Climate Champions Team, Carbon Gap, OpenAir Collective, Rethinking Removals, Direct Air Capture Coalition, Carbon Business Council and other partners, Carbon Removals at COP will provide regular updates on the latest thinking and developments around carbon removal during COP27. The platform will list physical and virtual events focused on carbon removals and live stream events to widen access to a global audience. 

The Carbon Removals at COP homepage hosts a complete calendar of events happening at Sharm El-Sheikh, as well as a full roster of virtual events that will be released on the platform during the two week conference.

All events will be viewable for all visitors to the website via the Virtual Pavilion platform. The platform can be accessed via the button located in the site’s masthead, or by clicking this link. No registration required.

Why Carbon Removal matters.

Carbon removal is rising in prominence on the international stage. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has repeatedly affirmed that billions of tons of carbon removal are needed to avoid climate disaster and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Rather than competing with emissions reduction and climate change adaptation, carbon removal is increasingly seen as a vital and complementary third pillar of climate action.

The political importance of carbon removals is also increasing. Some countries in the Global South have signaled that developed countries should commit to cleaning up their historic emissions. The UNFCCC released a call for public input to shape how carbon removal fits into Article VI of the Paris Agreement (focused on voluntary carbon markets). The U.S. recently committed billions of dollars in funding to carbon removal, and countries are looking at the role it will play in their Nationally Determined Contributions.  

On our platform we have curated a library of resources covering a broad range of carbon removal commentary, educational content and research, including materials and a FAQ (scroll to bottom of page) for those new to the subject. 

For more information about the Carbon Removals at COP coalition, and the guiding values animating this project, click on our About page. 

Carbon Removal will be a hot topic at COP, and the Virtual Pavilion is the place to follow all related events and news. 

There are more than 30 carbon removal events taking place during COP27, and the below list represents just a sample. Video recordings of each will be posted and hosted indefinitely on the Virtual Platform. 

  • FutureLabs at COP27 event, Carbon Removals: Pioneers from the Global South on 11th November platforms inspiring Global South actors, proving that carbon removals can happen anywhere whilst unpacking what it will take to scale these activities. 
  • At the Futures Lab, Nigel Topping, The UN Climate Change High Level Champion for COP26, will be launching the carbon removals 2030 Breakthrough: an ambitious goal to align around a shared vision of action.  The breakthroughs allow us to move from debate to action, outlining how each actor’s efforts (across supply, demand, finance, policy and civil society) contribute to the whole and what needs to be done to achieve it. 
  • Scaling durable carbon removals: what role for MRV and GHG accounting? on 11th November will focus on efforts to set clear and robust standards.
  • Carbon Dioxide Removals: Accelerating the Journey to Net Zero on 8th November will explore what’s needed to drive carbon removal technologies at speed.
  • Blue Climate Solutions on 17th November will consider the ocean’s role in the path to net negative emissions.
  • In the green zone on 10th November, The Gift of the Rift will look at Kenya’s carbon removal opportunity.

#CDRatCoP – Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram!

The carbon removal community is vibrant and fast-growing. It includes Global South climate activists, policy-makers, tech companies, carbon market developers and leaders in hard-to-abate industries. Whether at COP or anywhere else in the world these voices have a lot to add and will be in active dialogue throughout the conference on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CDRatCOP. We invite you to follow and join the conversation!

Carbon Removals at COP will be sharing dispatches from the ground on Instagram at Sharm throughout the conference. Tune in and follow here for a steady stream of sites, sounds and happenings directly from the conference. 

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