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Dutch Ocean Carbon Removal company harnessing the potential of the oceans

SeaO2’s solution is Direct Ocean Capture, which relies solely on renewable electricity and seawater as inputs. The process uses electrochemistry to strip out CO2 from seawater, which in turn absorbs it from the atmosphere.

Afsluitdijk, Breezanddijk, The Netherlands

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Waking a sleeping giant: Africa’s massive CDR potential
Africa is uniquely positioned to lead the world in CDR (and stands to benefit from doing so); and the world needs Africa to fulfil this potential if it is to come close to achieving global climate goals. This session will feature a keynote presentation from James Mwangi (ACV, CAP-A), followed…

Global Futures Pavilion, Blue Zone

Dec 8, 10:00 am

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Dubai on the


Catch up on the latest #CarbonRemoval news at #COP28 with our daily video briefings and daily bite videos. Hear from Julian Tureck (Aspiradac), Travis Caddy (C-Capsule), and Dr. Gabrielle Walker (Rethinking Removals & CUR8).

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Lukas May, Head of Expansion and Policy at Isometric, argues that carbon markets need more transparency, scientific rigour and regulation to support carbon removal scale-up in his latest blog post.

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Phil De Luna, Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering, at Deep Sky joined The Daily Brief hosted by Megha Raghavan to talk about all things carbon removal.

He shared his expansive background in CDR from being an XPRIZE finalist to becoming the youngest-ever Director of the National Research Council Canada / Conseil national de recherches Canada to leading carbon tech in the Sustainability Practice of McKinsey & Company. Now, Phil leads engineering at Deep Sky to develop technology-based carbon removal projects at scale in Canada. Learn more about his journey in CDR and his perspective on the future of the carbon removal market with the link in our bio.

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Check out our new interactive map that showcases projects all over the world and spotlights the stories of the people behind them! These projects deliver important co-benefits to communities while building towards a billion-tonne scale impact on the climate.

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Daily Brief host Megha Raghavan sat down with Bilha Ndirangu, CEO of Great Carbon Valley, to talk about her journey to working in carbon removal, why East Africa is one of the most ideal locations for CDR, and more.

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Anca Timofte, CEO of Holocene, joined the Daily Brief to share her insights from designing direct air capture facilities @climeworks to now building a company at the frontier of DAC with her team`s novel, patented chemistry.

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Daniel Pike, Principal at @RockyMtnInst leading their Carbon Removal Initiative, explores the range of removal options and differences in what they require to scale in his latest blog post.

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@McKinseyco published its newest report: Carbon Removals: How to scale a new gigaton industry, which explores the market and first movers towards a trillion-dollar industry.

Read the full report here: #COP28 #CDRCOP28

Tune in today at 4:30 PM GST for an event on the Carbon Management Challenge: "Ministers and High-Level Representatives from Carbon Management Challenge participant countries will highlight the Carbon Management Challenge as a driver of global ambition and activity, and national actions and leadership on carbon management their countries are already taking. The event will welcome and announce new countries joining the Carbon Management Challenge, and conclude with a call to action."

The event will be live streamed: #CDRCOP28 #CarbonRemoval #COP28

Dr. Steve Smith, Executive Director of the Oxford Net Zero Initiative and of CO2RE, explains the science behind net zero and the role of carbon removals in achieving it in his latest blog post: Understanding the Net in Net Zero.

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"The [carbon removal] ecosystem is incredibly rich and diverse." — Dr. Gabrielle Walker, Founder of Rethinking Removals and CUR8, explains how CDR is happening all around the world utilizing many different methods on @McKinseyco Sustainability`s panel at #COP28. #CDRCOP28 ...

Dr. Gabrielle Walker, Founder of Rethinking Removals and CUR8, shares her perspective on why removals and reductions go hand-in-hand on
@McKinseyco Sustainability`s panel at #COP28. #CDRCOP28

On Day 4 of #COP28, Daily Brief host Megha Raghavan sat down with Steve Willis, Director of Herculean Climate Solutions. They talked about HCS`s mission of achieving at least 1 billion tonnes per year of CO2 removal and more. #CDRCOP28

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Just in time for #COP28, @theeconomist published a special report on #CarbonRemoval (CDR). It explains why CDR is "vital to climate stabilization.”

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Check out the 6+ carbon removal related events happening tomorrow, Dec 4th at #COP28! Learn from leading experts on everything from digital infrastructure for carbon markets to marine #CDR technologies.

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Tune in tomorrow at 5 PM GST for a great panel and with great speakers: "Scaling Durable Carbon Removals: Mapping Global Opportunities and Obligations." This will be in-person and livestreamed:
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Listen to the full conversation between Daily Brief host Megha Raghavan and Julian Turecek, the founder and CEO of AspiraDAC on Day 3 of #COP28.

AspiraDAC is pioneering the world’s first modular, scalable and solar-powered Direct Air Capture technology, removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and storing it in permanent geological reserves. #CDRCOP28

"Negative emissions are necessary to get 1.5, but they are necessary as an additionality. We have to phase out fossil fuels and scale negative emissions. We cannot scale negative emissions technologies as a way of allowing continued burning of fossil fuels. That means we have to start getting serious about carbon removals now. It takes a long time to develop the technical, social and political frameworks that can get us to billions of tonnes by 2050. It’s already an exponential journey to take us from zero today to 5 billion tonnes in 30 years – it’s such a rapid pace that we simply have to start now," writes Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

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Travis Caddy, product manager at Evident and project lead at C-Capsule, joins Daily Brief host Megha Raghavan to discuss developments and insights on the ground from Dubai on Day 2 of #COP28. Tune in to their full conversation with the link in our bio. #CDRCOP28 ...

Dr. Gabrielle Walker, co-founder of Rethinking Removals and CUR8, joins Daily Brief host Megha Raghavan to discuss the core principles behind Carbon Removals at COP, and expectations for sector related developments that might take shape in Dubai.

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There are 4 carbon removal related events happening at #COP28 on Friday, Dec 8th! Learn about everything from Africa’s massive CDR potential to building business demand for carbon removals.

Check out our full calendar here:

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📣 Today’s #COP28 #DailyBite: “One thing I recently learned about that I wish more people knew is…”

💡 Under the @CO2RemovalCOP28 principle of 🔬 Science Driven, @1benschulz, @GestrichHannes, Leila Toplic from @carbonfuture_, Natalia Dorfman from @kita_earth, @ManaPhilip, and…

Catch up on the latest #CarbonRemoval news at #COP28 with our daily video briefings and daily bite videos.

Hear from CDR leaders like Julian Tureck (Aspiradac), @Travis_Caddy (C-Capsule), and Dr. @GabrielleWalk3r (@RethinkRemovals & @Cur8earth) #CDRCOP28

Today, @CO2RemovalCOP28 unveiled an interactive map that showcases 130+ #carbonremoval projects around the world. #ProjectBison, our WY-based #directaircapture facility, stands among these innovative initiatives! Check it out -